Friday, June 4, 2010

The Quirk and the Dead Gets Underway!

Last weekend, on the day before Memorial Day, the intrepid Lionbelly posse rode out to beautiful Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti for the inaugural shoot for our new zombie/comedy THE QUIRK AND THE DEAD. This new movie was written and is being co-directed by Ken MacGregor, and stars Joe Sacksteder, Kelly-Jean Passage, and himself in a story about life and love after the zombie apocalypse. Since Zombies are a little on the over-used side right now, you can imagine that only a REALLY good script could lure us into Romero territory. Needless to say, this one is funny, scary, and original, and Ken did a kick-ass job...

We were happy to have Ian Line, cinematographer extraordinaire, along for his first Lionbelly shoot. He is really great to work with and consistently gets the goods. Also along for their first taste of crewing were husband and wife duo Tracey and Dan Sonntag, who busted out some slate and boom operating action for the shoot. Tracey also provided the photographs for this posting...

Overall, we are off to a good start on this critter and all of us are excited about getting to the brain-eating later in the summer, when we shoot the massive zombie attack scenes. We'll keep you posted...

Tweedle Ken and Tweedle Brian, Co-Directors

Sara Jackson, Producer!

Ian Line Gets All Cinematographish

Joe Sacksteder Gets Down & Dirty

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  1. Hey guys! "The Quirk..." looks awesome! I was wondering if you were in need of a makeup artist. I'm working on another zombie movie that's finishing up soon, and would love to get more and more experience, and work in my portfolio! Please contact me at, and I'll send you some pics of things I've done!
    Thanks for contributing to the Zombie Revolution :-)